Rearview Mirror Monitors

Replacement Rearview Mirror with 4.3" Monitor

Conveniently view your camera feeds on this 4.3” rearview mirror with monitor.

Complete your safety camera system with this universal replacement rearview mirror with 4.3" monitor. Add a back-up, side or front camera to your vehicle, and integrate the camera feeds into your driving experience.  This rearview mirror replaces your existing rearview mirror, but enhances it with visibility of your camera feeds.  The auto dimming display ensures a clear view, regardless of lighting conditions.

*When removing the OEM factory mirror, vehicle will lose all the features contained in the mirror – ex: compass, thermostat, OnStar, HomeLink etc

Key Features:

  • Factory replacement mirror
  • Dual video sensing inputs
  • Auto-dimming display

User Manual
 Download (857.65k)