Rearview Mirror Monitors

4.3" Mirror Monitor for Ford Twist Mount with Adjustable Parking Lines

Enhance your rearview mirror with video.

Ever gotten stuck in a tricky situation where backing up feels practically impossible? It’s even worse if you’re driving an SUV or a minivan. This rearview mirror with monitorwhen paired with safety cameras makes parking, backing up, and other aspects of driving easier and safer than ever before.

This twist mount mirror monitor, designed especially for Ford vehicles, improves your line of sight and gives you extra insight into your vehicle’s trajectory. The mirror has a built-in 4.3” monitor, which activates as soon as you put your car into reverse when using with a back-up camera. Adjustable parking lines on the screen show you where your vehicle is headed, making it easier to adjust your trajectory and avoid troublesome obstacles behind you.

*When removing the OEM factory mirror, vehicle will lose all the features contained in the mirror – ex: compass, thermostat, OnStar, HomeLink etc

Key Features:

  • Dual Video Inputs
  • Reverse Trigger Input
  • Adjustable Parking Lines
  • Remote Control Included
  • Auto Dimming Display


Professional installation by an authorized EchoMaster dealer recommended.

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User Manual
 Download (732.48k)