Blind Spot Integration Kits

IntelliHaul Integrated Blind Spot Camera System for Silverado and Sierra with Standard Side Mirrors


Expand your field of vision without adding bulk to your truck’s body

The IntelliHaul system includes two Stealth Side View Mirror Cameras designed to discreetly mount to the truck’s exterior mirrors.

Utilizing six screen modes, smart technology enables camera activation based on driver behavior, using left and right turn signals and placing the truck in reverse.  System alternatively allows for manual activation by the driver.

Note: If viewing wireless camera while driving, video quality may vary due to various environmental and/or RF interference.

System Includes:

  • Two Side View Mirror Cameras with vehicle specific, custom engineered camera housing that replace the plastics on the factory mirrors, a precise 70° viewing angle enhances sideview visibility; cameras are triggered on automatically when turn signals are used; crisp, detailed images using HD CMOS technology image sensor; night time viewing allows maximum imaging in low-light conditions; top-rated dust and liquid resistant camera housings (IP68)
  • 2.4gHz Wireless Trailer Reverse Camera - Rear trailer camera mounts on the top, rearmost trailer edge for a behind-trailer view when reversing, or on-demand anytime; conveniently hardwires to trailer lights for power, while wirelessly transmitting images through a closed wireless network; features infrared lighting for enhanced imaging in low-light conditions
  • Four Camera Switching Interface with Custom Mounting Bracket
  • Wire Harness

Optional Add-On

Ask your local Chevrolet or GMC dealership about IntelliHaul Towing Camera systems from EchoMaster

User Guide (English)
Updated 08-30-2017
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User Guide (French)
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Installation Guide (English)
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Installation Guide (French)
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