Dash Cams + DVRs

2 Channel DVR

Capture accident evidence, road safety monitoring, incident evidence (police) or any other purpose for which video evidence may be required

Ensure that you are protected with the use of the EchoMaster DVR-20. With the ability to record up to 2 cameras, vital accident footage can be captured and used for evidential purposes, road safety monitoring, or any other purpose for which video evidence may be required.

For long distance drives or long days behind the wheel, the DVR-20 can record your entire journey to help keep you protected. With its 'loop record' functionality, you do not need to worry about your SD card filling up and missing out on something important.

The DVR-20 is compact, with a durable, robust design ideally suited for use in a fleet of vehicles. Heavy and light freight transportation vehicles, and taxis are ideal applications for this technology. It has been designed with anti-vibration technology, a high-speed processor and the most advanced video compression and decompression technology, all to provide high quality video recording.

Key Features:

  • 2 Channel DVR
  • SD card slot (up to 128GB)
  • Remote control
  • GX16 connectors
  • Adapter leads allow universal compatibility

Professional installation by an authorized EchoMaster dealer recommended.