Camera Accessories

Multi-camera interface for select 2014 - 2017 GM trucks/SUV

GM trucks/SUV with 4.2” and 8” screens
  • Compatible build codes: IO5 and IO6. Incompatible build codes: IO3, IO4, IOA, and IOB.
  • To verify the "IO" RPO code on your vehicle, check the glove compartment or the spare tire well for a silver sticker with these codes. If this sticker is not present, you must scan the QR code on the GM label found in the driver's door jamb. The RPO codes will be listed in alphabetical order in either scenario.

GM QR Code


The MCI-GM51 is a plug-n-play solution to allow multi-camera viewing for select 2014- 2017 GM trucks and SUVs with 4.2” and 8” screens. The multi-camera interface allows you to automatically activate side, reverse and front cameras.

4 camera input (RCA)
LVDS Digital image quality
Output to factory screen (4” or 8”)
Touch screen GUI on 8”
CANbus operation
Selectable (on/off) automatic turn signal activation of side cameras
Selectable (on/off) automatic reverse camera activation
Retain factory reverse camera or add aftermarket camera
Override factory reverse camera for multi-camera viewing
Dedicated camera power output for 4 cameras (12V 500mA)
Retains all factory features

Integration module
Power adapter harness
Camera input and power harness
Installation accessories (NVH kit and cable ties)
Instruction manual

MCI-GM51 Instruction Manual
 Download (1.03M)