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Back-up Camera Interface for 2013-2016 Ford MyTouch 8.4-inch Systems

Back-up Camera Interface for 2013-2016 Ford MyTouch 8.4-inch Systems
The quick connect interface allows for an aftermarket back-up, left/right side view, and front cameras to be integrated with 2013-2016 Ford MyTouch 8.4-inch systems, giving users different views of the vehicle’s surroundings through the factory screen. The back-up input is automatically triggered by shifting the car into reverse and side cameras activated with the signal lights. The side and front camera inputs can also be manually activated instantly for added convenience.

Product Features
  • Works with Ford MyTouch 8.4-inch radios
  • Adds back-up camera input
  • Adds side view (blind spot elimination) camera inputs and switching
  • Adds side view (blind spot elimination) cameras to vehicle equipped with factory backup camera
  • Adds front camera input and switching
  • Camera view activation from dash button at anytime
  • Plug-and-play installation
  • Ultra-compact for increased installation flexibility
  • Works with a variety of EchoMaster back-up cameras

Compatibility Notes
  • 2017 + Vehicles - Can only be used to add front and side cameras to vehicles already equipped with a factory reverse camera.
  • GPS sync will be lost in vehicles equipped with factory navigation when the blind spot cameras are activated.
  • Not compatible in vehicles equipped with the 360 camera system.
Product Revision History

Current Revision #:  01.03    Description: Resolves camera activation in manual transmission vehicles, changes behavior of forced rear view display, and smooths video transition with OE parking sensor GUI Release Date: 3-8-17

Revision #:  01.01    Description: Initial Release Release Date: 7-29-17

BCI-FD21 Instruction Manual
 Download (1.29M)