AHD/CVBS Camera (PHDCAM10U) / 4.3" Rear Camera Display Mirror (PMM-43-PL)

Rear or front view camera (PHDCAM10U) / 4.3" Rear Camera Display Mirror (PMM-43-PL)

Increase your visibility in front, or back of any car, truck, or RV, with this universal, rugged, weather-ready camera mirror kit featuring selectable output resolution. Choose between Analog High Definition (AHD) or Standard (CVBS) resolution to provide high-quality images of obstacles around your vehicle. The rearview mirror replaces your existing mirror, a reverse trigger built into the mirror senses when you place your vehicle in reverse, and auto displays the view from your camera on a 4.3" screen.  Mirrors alone can't see into dangerous blind spots, but adding a rearview mirror with camera feed functionality takes away the guesswork and gives you a clear view of your vehicle's entire surroundings.


  • SELECTABLE PARKING LINES View camera image with or without parking guide lines displayed 
  • IP67 RATED Rugged enough for on-road or off-road use
  • STANDARD 5 PIN ECHOMASTER CONNECTOR 20 ft extension harness included 
  • UNIVERSAL RCA VIDEO CONNECTOR Can connect to any monitor or headunit
  • SELECTABLE MIRROR MODE Camera can be mounted facing the front or back of the vehicle 
  • MULTIPLE MOUNTING OPTIONS Includes license plate bracket and butterfly bracket to easily mount to any vehicle
  • INFRARED NIGHT VISION 4 IR LED’s for visibility in any lighting situation
  • FULL 3-YEAR WARRANTY Worry-free performance 


  • Parking Lines (selectable)
  • Dual Video Inputs
  • Reverse Trigger Input
  • Adjustable Parking Lines
  • Remote Control Included
  • Auto Dimming Display
Installation Manual
 Download (930.42k)
 Download (742.05k)